PeerScout: What is it?

PeerScout is a FREE web-based scouting platform for high school and college coaches and players. PeerScout is an advance scouting tool that gives you the edge you need to win, and a scouting platform that increases players' exporsure to college and MLB teams. PeerScout also gives you access to high school players for recruiting purposes.
We developed PeerScout in consultation with MLB executives, players and
college coaches. PeerScout is a PRIVATE, FREE, advance scouting platform.
PeerScout allows you to scout all opposing team's players and access that
information anywhere via the web or your mobile device. Imagine developing
scouting reports on the teams you play over 3 or 4 years. You can keep notes,
rate tools, and take note of exploitable weaknesses to prepare for your
upcoming series. When you hold your pre-series team meeting you will have
data rather than vague memories of your opposition.
Why Join?
Create private scouting reports and evalutions
of your players
Create private scouting reports on your
Encourage your players to create their advance
scouting reports to better prepare for upcoming series
Get access to high school players for recruiting purposes
All your scouting reports are private and can
be accessed by you and your staff
PeerScout is a free service for players and
coaches. Our corporate sponsors and
advertisers provide financial support for the site