Frequently Asked Questions

PeerScout: What is it?

PeerScout is a platform that has been developed to improve the quality of scouting of high school and NCAA college baseball players by putting scouting in the hands of the players, resulting in increased exposure for overlooked players, and better information for professional baseball executives to use to draft players. PeerScout also provides better information for college coaches and pro baseball execs to recruit and draft!

Who can register?

High school and NCAA College baseball players and coaches can register. Coaches can register and use the system as an advance scouting platform. Professional scouts vetted by Peerscout can also register.

Who are we?

PeerScout has assembled a team of experts with over 30 years experience in professional baseball, Wall Street trading and technology. Our advisory board includes current college players, professional players, former MLB General Managers and current MLB executives.

How do I join and what does it cost?

It’s free. As a player you are already a member. Search your name to get started.

Why join?

Lots of reasons. The main goal of PeerScout is to increase players exposure to college and MLB teams. After the top 100 or so players, scouting data is limited because of limited scouting resources. College and MLB teams want this data.

1. Joining PeerScout allows you to get scouted by your peers, teammates and opposition. As a registered member, you can project the tools and draft round of your teammates and your opposition.

2. Scouting your friends increases their exposure.

3. It’s fun too. Play Draftsmash™ where you compare two of the top draft-eligible prospects and select who you would draft higher. Keep picking until you build your top 10 picks for the draft.

4. The people behind PeerScout also own both affiliated and independent minor league teams. If you are not drafted, we will deliver a comprehensive scouting report to independent league teams you may want to play for.